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There Are Many Air Conditioning Service Options Available!

Variety of AC Services

Here at Premier Air LLC, we offer a variety of air conditioning services that will provide ease and comfort in your Savannah, GA area home or business! We have trained professionals who are equipped with the necessary tools and processes in order to conduct repairs, installations, and other services! If you have any questions regarding services, we can advise you with our extensive experiences with past jobs! With prior knowledge and expertise, you can be sure to have only the best possible course of action be considered for your property!

Our Services

When deciding on a new system, be sure to consider energy-efficient options that are available in this day and age! These models not only show improvements and upgrades in technological functionality, they also provide more power and improved performances that will conserve the use of utilities and ultimately cut costs on monthly bills! Newer models come with ratings such as AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) or Energy Guides which can tell you more on how a specific system is benefiting you and the environment! We recommend that you check out our brands if you’re curious as to what may be right for you!

Depending on your sensitivity levels, you may be able to come to a conclusion on what you need versus what you want. If you or someone in your property is susceptible to allergies and have aggravated symptoms due to the dust and pollen in the air, consider the installation of whole house air purification! There are great options out there that can get rid of as low as .003 microns of particles that ultimately don’t get caught with regular air conditioning filters! Supplement your regular unit with an air purifier that will be sure to eliminate bacteria and toxins that are polluting your indoor air!

It’s important that you conduct HVAC maintenance monthly and seasonally so your filters and other parts of the system are clean and free from debris. When your system is acting up, it’s most likely that it’s working harder around backups or dusty parts that can impede air pressure and movement. If you’d ultimately prefer more powerful air and more efficient distribution of temperatures then perhaps a mini split AC system is more for you! These systems are ductless and therefore great for smaller rooms or for placement in each room where you’d prefer separate AC controlled programming and temperatures.

There are many air conditioning services that you can employ for your home or business with Premier Air LLC! Don’t limit the circulation or ventilation capabilities of your property, if you’re noticing something isn’t satisfactory as far as performance or air quality then make a change! It’s better to have a newer system that won’t be susceptible to damages that come with old age than to remain with older units! We’ll be happy to provide you with options so you can make the best decision on updates and improvements for your property!

For air conditioning service call (912) 250-0049 with Premier Air LLC in Savannah, GA!