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A HVAC Technician is Required for a Refrigerant Recharge Service!

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An AC refrigerant recharge service is unlike what is seen with your vehicle. There is no electricity used here, a refrigerant recharge is, in reality, actually a refill. A refrigerant pulls heat out of the air and transfers it to a compressor. If the refrigerant is low, however, the transfer of heat can’t occur and the refrigerate must be refilled to get the system back up and running. Although this may seem like an easy task, the EPA or Environmental Protection Administration requires that professional certification is held in order to conduct this task. In order to maintain your protection, it is essential to rely on a qualified technician to perform this task if ever you are in need of a refrigerant recharge service.

It is actually rare to conduct a refrigerant recharge since they are designed to often outlast even your unit. They don’t actually run out, but if they do require a refill, the culprit would most likely be a leak in the unit. The size of the leak will determine if a replacement would be the more cost-effective strategy over a repair. Ways to determine that you may need a refrigerant recharge service is to pay attention to certain signs. One such sign can be a buildup of ice or frost on the unit as the refrigerant is a gas that will freeze anything that it touches. Another sign to look out for are the vents gradually rising in temperature over time and releasing air at room temperature.

If you have a unit that is between 10-20 years it’s always essential to perform regular maintenance checks as old age can naturally have units become more susceptible to problems. If you have any questions regarding the behavior of your unit or may require a refrigerant recharge service, rely on the professionals at Premier Air LLCĀ to do the job! We’re always ready to help and provide quality options for your home or business!

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