Ductless Mini Split System Installation

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Mini Split AC System Controls Room by Room

Easier Operations Per Room

Mini split AC systems, aka ductless air conditioners, are heating and cooling systems that don’t require the use of air ducts and can control the temperatures of individual rooms and spaces. They usually consist of a wall mounted indoor air-handling unit or evaporator which connects to an outdoor compressor, or condenser. They typically only require a small hole to be drilled into the wall for the conduit which can assist in lessening air leaks or security issues. The conduit of the unit is where the copper tubing, power and communication cables, as well as the condensation drain line, are linked to indoor and outdoor units.

Mini split AC systems are great options for home additions, whole homes, or areas that are smaller and don’t require a large conditioning system.  They’ll work well with systems that don’t have ducts and run on alternative energies such as hydronic (hot water), space heaters (propane, wood, kerosene), and radiant panels. An advantage of mini split AC systems is that they can be very energy efficient as ducts can actually take away 25% of energy. When you are without them then you end up with inverter-driven compressors that can have the speed of air power changed instead of completely shutting off as traditional HVAC systems do. If you choose to select energy efficient models you can save up to 30% on heating and cooling costs!

As far as maintenance, be sure to wash your unit’s filters monthly or even more frequently if there is frequent smoking or pets. Accumulating debris can greatly shorten the life span of your system and cause unnecessary repairs so it’s best to plan ahead and be responsible with the upkeep of your mini split AC systems! If you have any questions regarding the functionality and use of mini split AC systems over conventional options, give us a call! We’ll be happy to help you out so you can have the most efficient system for your home or business!

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