Energy Efficient HVAC System Installation and Repair

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Save on Monthly Bills

Energy efficiency is essential not only for conserving energy and protecting our environment, but it’s also beneficial to conserving costs of monthly bills as decreased levels of use can reflect in them. The past few decades have seen many improvements in HVAC construction that provide several energy-saving improvements such as tighter building envelopes and better insulation. In order to cater to these changes, energy efficient models have been popular alternatives in the market that often improve longevity and improved performance in units in comparison to their older predecessors.

Since these models are encouraged to be used, it’s pretty neat to look into the different offers certain units provide as far as tax incentives or rebates. It’s important to know that these range by local, state or federal tax laws as well as energy departments. Each unit can come with informative labels and ratings so you know that you are selecting an energy efficient HVAC system unit.

Ratings & Labels

Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio (SEER:) this label on a cooling unit tells you how efficient it is.

Heating Season Performance Factor (HFSP:) this label tells you about the efficiency of a heat pump.

AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency): is the most common rating for energy efficient  machines, this rating takes into consideration that furnaces have on and off cycles and use a certain amount of fuel in heating the furnace up

Energy Guide (Yellow Label:) this label can be found on appliances and offers information on the AFUE rating, estimates the annual energy costs of using the unit, and compares it to other units of roughly the same size.

SSE (Standard State Efficiency:) refers to how well the unit can perform once it’s warmed up and running.

If you are interested in energy efficient HVAC systems, give Premier Air LLC a call! We’ll be happy to go over the different brand options that will best match your home or business!  Energy efficiency is the new tomorrow and is becoming more and more accessible to a wider audience, jump on the benefits that only it can offer and you won’t look back once you see the improvements for yourself!

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