HVAC Maintenance

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HVAC Maintenance Improves Your System & Lowers Costs!

Improve Your System

It’s important to conduct HVAC maintenance regularly and on an as-needed basis. As the seasons change, so do the specifications of your maintenance duties. If you require assistance with your HVAC maintenance, call on a professional, chances are that there are certain tasks that can only be done by a certified technician. If you’re unsure what qualifies the use of a professional, then give us a call to find out. As a rule of them, anything that doesn’t deal with the surface level of HVAC maintenance will most likely require the expertise and handling of a trained technician. We’re always ready to lend a helping hand here at Premier Air LLC!

Extend Your HVAC’s Life

  • Consider buying better filters like high-efficiency pleated ones that have an electrostatic charge which can draw in tiny particles that carry bacteria.
  • Remove or trim plants and debris weekly from outside air conditioning units or heat pumps to ensure proper air flow and circulation.
  • During the summer shut off the water supply from the furnace humidifier.
  • During the fall replace the humidifier wick filter, turn on the water supply and set the humidistat.
  • Avoid lawn mowers from discharging grass clippings onto the unit.
  • Make sure outside units are on level ground or pads.
  • Make sure there are at least two feet of a clearance area surrounding outside units.

As a general guide to HVAC maintenance, make sure to check up on your filter every month for cleanliness and replace it at least every 3 months. If you have pets, the dander could cause a quicker clog and it’s best to change it every month. A dirty filter can increase energy costs due to the HVAC working harder to work around it which can eventually cause earlier failures. With that said, in order to avoid unnecessary strain on your system, it’s best not to close more than 20% of your property’s registers as well. Another general guideline to follow for your HVAC maintenance regards an annual pouring of a mixture of bleach and water down the AC’s condensate drain. This will prevent the build-up of algae and mold which play a role in building clogs. Be sure to inspect your refrigerant lines monthly and replace any damaged or missing parts if necessary.

As far as checking up on your system as a whole, be sure to schedule annual system maintenance by a service professional ideally before summer begins. By maintaining a cleaner system you can have it running more efficiently and save over 20% on heating and cooling costs. It’s recommended to additionally have your condenser coils and evaporator cleaned once or twice a year as a dirty coil can increase energy consumption by 30%. In order to maximize airflow be sure to clean the registers and vents annually as well. Finally, installing a programmable thermostat can limit energy while you’re out or resting which can cut down energy costs by at least 10%!

By following these helpful HVAC maintenance tips you can extend the life of your system as well as reduce the costs of monthly bills. If you would like the expertise and assistance of a certified HVAC service professional in the  Savannah, GA area then rely on Premier Air LLC! With our experience, we’ll be happy to provide you with a better working and fresher system! Just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help! If you’re interested in energy efficient HVAC options we recommend checking out our brands!

For HVAC Maintenance in Savannah, GA call (912) 250-0049 with Premier Air LLC!