Indoor Air Quality Services

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Indoor air quality is a concern that should be taken into consideration for the health of all occupants inside your home or business. Oftentimes, the effects of poor indoor air quality can emerge immediately, but there are also long term health risks if exposed regularly. Dust, pollen, bacteria, pet dander and mold can all trigger allergies and asthma along with other respiratory issues. Chemical vapors and odors often affect us by causing fatigue, headaches and allergic reactions. You may experience irritation of the nose, throat, eyes and develop dizziness. Air pollutants can increase the strength of symptoms and even cause those without allergies to develop symptoms!

Your health can be affected after single or repeated exposure to air pollutants. Other health effects can show up years after exposure has occurred or after repeated periodic exposure through respiratory diseases, cancer or heart disease which can be fatal and debilitating. While some may not be aware of what poor indoor air quality is doing to their health based on their sensitivity, others may show signs outwardly. How a person reacts to pollutants varies from person to person, some may even become sensitized to chemical or biological pollutants after repeated or high-level exposure.

Symptoms of Poor Air Quality

Since certain immediate effects can mimic colds and flu-like symptoms it can be easy to dismiss the actual cause of symptoms down to poor indoor air quality. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to when symptoms emerge and if they only emerge when you are around a certain place or area. If symptoms fade or go away when leaving then it could be that the indoor air quality of a certain place is the reason for your negative health reactions. It’s essential to improve the indoor air quality of any place even if you don’t notice symptoms. Look into the age of your building, the materials of your furniture and see if any VOCs (volatile chemical compounds) or other pollutants are naturally being emitted around your area. People don’t realize that even the paint on your wall can emit harmful compounds even after drying. Therefore, it’s best to use nontoxic products for decoration as well as cleaning in order to lessen the harmful effects chemicals can cause on your health once emitted into the air.

A good way to negate the effects of poor indoor air quality can be to invest in air purifiers and by changing air filters regularly from your HVAC system. It’s also important to keep your air conditioner, furnace, and humidifier well maintained as they are the main sources of introducing contaminated air into your home or business. If you have any questions as to what Premier Air LLC can do to help lessen poor indoor air quality in your Savannah, GA home or business then give us a call! We have several options and brands that we carry which are cost-effective and energy efficient so you can reap the most benefits out of your units! Improving indoor air quality starts with you! Take the necessary steps in cleaning out and purifying your air so you can breathe without worries and decrease the harmful effects of contaminated air! We’re happy to help in easing your comfort!

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