Whole House Humidifiers

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Humidifiers Can Be Stand Alone or Whole Home

Get Rid of Dry Air

Whole house humidifiers are a great investment to make for your home or business! There are many benefits that can come with installing whole house humidifiers such as those seen with health and saving money with temperature upkeep.¬†Whole house humidifiers can produce steam or mist throughout the whole home as they are typically installed in the home’s ductwork so it may be distributed along with the airflow of the current heating and cooling system.

A humidifier is often used to add moisture in the air when it is particularly dry. It has many health benefits in that it can ease the dryness and irritation of skin as well as ease flu and cold symptoms. It moisturizes nasal passages which clear up sinuses and improves breathing.  As bacteria and viruses do not thrive in moist air you can minimize your risk of catching illnesses. In order to avoid excessive moisture which can lead to mildew, condensation, and damage to personal property, it’s best to maintain a balance of dryness and moisture in the air. The average range in relative humidity that is recommended is between 35%-45%. If air is too dry, then furnishings made from wood can crack, shrink and warp while paper products like posters and books can become more brittle.

Ultimately, whole house humidifiers can make your home feel naturally warmer at a lower temperature, this occurs when the air is able to hold on to moisture which thereby maintains more heat. Having lower temperatures in a household can aid in lowering monthly expenses as you won’t feel the need to turn up the heat more than necessary. If you’d like to learn more about your options, then give a call as we’d be happy to help! There are many benefits to having whole house humidifiers, provide ease and comfort to your home or business today! Check out our brands page for more info!

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