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Consider the variety of legitimate HVAC brands out there!

HVAC Brands

Over the years, a variety of improvements have been made in the heating and cooling market that provide better technological advancements and features to your HVAC unit. Depending on what you find most important in HVAC features, you could have a system that stresses more on energy efficiency or ones that provide more options in system control settings! There are many choices that can fit well for your home or business! You can find the best deals that fit with any budget bracket, just give a call and we’ll be happy to discuss options with you based on your criteria!

How to Pick the Best HVAC Brands

1. Quality of Unit: Every HVAC has a different quality level depending on what features you take into consideration as being a forefront concern. It’s interesting and important to note that some brands even offer different tiers that are based on quality with different advantages attached to them. It’s important to take a look at the information provided on energy efficiency labels and ratings as they are available on most new units. Depending on your budget you will see variances in HVAC features and performances.

2. Costs: Furnaces are usually measured by AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) and ACs typically with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.) For furnaces that are older you may see lower ratings as they tend to operate at around 65%, what this means is that there is 35% of fuel lost in the flue. Nowadays, a high-efficiency unit can operate with fewer percentages being wasted at operation levels of 93-98%! It’s similar in the case of SEER ratings for ACs, the higher the SEER number the better! Older systems usually operate at between the levels 8-10. Now, newer units can go as high as a 25 SEER level! High-efficiency systems will greatly save on energy consumption and thereby lower costs in the long run of your unit’s life. Not only is this great for the environment, but it saves greatly on the money in your bank as well!

3. Air flow: Air flow can be an issue in many properties, with high-efficiency systems you are able to modify them to the preferred level due to variable speed motors. These motors can increase the static pressure in your ducts which can provide more air blowing through each register. Another option to consider is ductless mini split HVAC systems which can provide more powerful air and can moderate temperatures per room you choose to install them in. Better air flow can keep the air healthier and more comfortable year-round while operating at high energy efficiency levels which will filter air without increasing your bills.

4. Lifespan: A standard Consumer Report will be able to inform you of certain pieces of information regarding your HVAC unit as well as their average lifespan. The average lifespan of a unit is typically 12-15 years as long as you properly maintain it and the initial installation is done properly. Some brands can last even longer and can have minimal repair issues in comparison to other options over time.

5. Warranties: In general, the best performing HVAC brands average a 10-year warranty for general parts. There are even some that have added benefits that can be hard to find in their industry.

Brands We Service

10 Brands & Their SEER Rating

Here are 10 brands picked at random and ordered by their SEER rating. If you’re curious as to what more options have to offer or would like to know more about some brands listed below feel free to give us a call! We’ll be happy to discuss and compare brands so you can determine the best ones for your home or business!

HVAC Brands SEER Rating Average Warranty
Heil 18.2 10 years
Lennox 17.8 10 years
Amana 17.5 10 years
Trane 17.2 10 years
Rheem 17.1 10 years
Rudd 17.1 10 years
American Standard 16.8 10-12 years
Carrier 16.8 10 years
York 16.4 10 years
Goodman 15.5 10 years

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