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Waking up to the cold in the middle of the night is not an exciting nor comfortable prospect. When your HVAC is acting up then rely on the services of Premier Air LLC for central heating repair! We’ll get your systems back into working order so you won’t have to suffer the consequences! Some systems may have warning signs that may naturally incite a response from you while other times you may encounter an issue without a warning. No matter the case, we will tackle the problem head-on so you can get back to your daily schedule!

If your furnace isn’t blowing air, it could mean that your blower needs to be cleared of any debris that can be blocking its path. There should be a flashing light indicating either green (good) or red (check for problems.) If there is no light then the problem may involve the blower motor, thermostat, run capacitor, transformer or the furnace control board. Another possible issue that may arise are issues with a furnace’s limit switch. A bad limit switch can cause the blower to run continuously and lower its life span. Additionally, limit switches normally keep the circuit closed and if the circuit is open it may mean that the limit switch may need to be replaced.

If your furnace or ducts are making noise, then it can either indicate reduced airflow problems, a clogged burner or other various mechanical issues. If your furnace is working fine, and it’s just the noise, consider insulating the ducts to assist with noises being emitted. If the furnace itself is the culprit of the noise, then it could be that the pilot light needs adjustment, there’s an issue with the belts or burner, or the motor for the blower needs oil lubrication. Rattling noises can indicate loose panels while squealing can mean that the belt connecting the motor to the fan has slipped off and may need replacement or repairs. Popping or pinging sounds usually indicate that there is thermal expansion in the ducts as it heats and cools. Finally, for grinding sounds its best to contact a technician for help as in all likelihood the motor would need repairs.

Central heating systems are designed to last for many years yet sometimes the manufacturer will have a warranty that can assist you in case any unexpected problems arise. These were just a few of many examples of possible problems and resolutions that can befall your central heating repair concerns. If you are ever confused about what is causing your central heating system to act up, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help!

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