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Geothermal Heat Pump

Use a Natural Source of Heating

There are many alternate forms of heating and cooling systems that are being employed for residential and commercial purposes. One such option that is great to consider if you’re in the market for eco-friendly options is the concept of using a geothermal heating system. There are many energy efficient options in the market today to provide cleaner energy options to homes and businesses that not only assist the environment in conserving energy but are cost-effective so you won’t have to be spending as much with the month to month bills to keep them operable.

If you’re considering a geothermal heating system, let’s give you a little information surrounding what it is. It a nutshell, “geo” stands for the Earth and “thermal” is essentially heating. Our ground absorbs almost half of the sun’s energy below the surface for the duration of the year. Air temperature, in turn, is greatly variable with the seasons which calls for the assistance of making air source more reliable with a heating and cooling system. What a geothermal heating system does is it takes advantage of the underground stable temperatures with a “loop” piping system.

Essentially, there is water that circulates in the loop and then exchanges and works through your property, the ground source heat pump the earth. This system has particularly high-efficiency ratings for the heating, cooling, and hot water it provides and can cut costs of these three categories by up to 80%. Depending on the brand you get, you can get efficiency ratings as high as 300-400%! Implement the use of green energy with the natural heat conducting benefits of a geothermal heating system. Not only is it a natural source of heating straight from the earth, it greatly assists you in savings!

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