Heating Maintenance

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Heating Maintenance Should be Done by a Licensed Technician!

Extend the Life Of Your System

There are many heating systems out there that may or may not require certain periodic maintenance steps to be taken in order to ensure the proper system functionalities. It’s important to first differentiate what type of heating system you have. Forced air systems are where heat moves through ducts and are heated with a furnace. A hydronic system has heat move through radiators and is heated with boilers. It’s important to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding upkeep if it’s available. As of such, there are basic things to keep in mind in regards to following a system of checks for your heating maintenance.

It’s highly recommended to have the expertise of a professional conduct heating maintenance checks! We here at Premier Air LLC are happy to help!

The following procedures should be conducted by a licensed and trained heating and cooling service professional.

  • Checking the water temperature and pressure.
  • Having the circulating pump lubricated.
  • Dusting radiator surfaces and straightening fins on baseboard heaters.
  • Cleaning soot from the inside of the boiler’s combustion chamber.
  • Getting air purged from the radiators.
  • Draining and flushing the system at least once every 5 years.

Thermostat Care

Something that is essential, no matter the system that needs to be maintained, is thermostat care. A good way to check proper functionality is to turn up the thermostat and hear if your system turns on and continues to run as this ensures proper functionality. However, if it turns off after a short amount of time, it could be short cycling. In these cases, it can mean that the thermostat needs to be properly adjusted by being recalibrated or replaced. Or it could mean that the heat exchanger is overheating and the safety device is shutting down. If a furnace or boiler ignites when you turn on your thermostat, check the flame’s shape and color and make sure that they’re solid blue with tight ovals. If instead, you see flickering tinges of yellow, it may be best for your safety to rely on a technician to adjust the air or fuel mix.

Forced-Air Systems

For forced air systems that are powered by gas, electric or oil furnace it’s best to keep the airways clean for the best indoor air quality. Try checking the filters once a month and replace them as often as you need to, if you have pets or allergies it may be better for more frequent checks. Be sure to have your ductwork ultimately checked at least once a year for any dust buildup, open joints, rust, and mold. Clean the blower, ductwork, and registers on an as needed basis. Make sure the furnace combustion chamber is free of dust and soot and be sure to inspect the blower belt if it’s present. As far as oil-fired boilers and furnaces, make sure to turn off your gas supply before beginning work. It is highly recommended that these checks be done by a licensed and trained heating and cooling professional. As of such, make sure oil filters are changed. Buy a replacement oil filter identical to the original at least once a year and get the oil nozzle replaced as well.

Hydronic Heating Systems

Hydronic hot water heating systems use boilers instead of furnaces and rely on a combination of manual and automatic valves to let water in and out and to distribute them to radiators or baseboard heaters. Although you may be able to get away with light maintenance like checking for standing water before the heating season begins, many system checks involve operating at specific pressures and temperatures. It’s therefore highly recommended to rely on a trained technician to diagnose problems and perform checks.

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