High Velocity Mini Duct System Installation and Repair

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High Velocity Mini Duct Systems

Get More Powerful Air

If you have an older home, where you don’t want to make any unnecessary tears, or would like an improved and more efficient working heating unit, consider high-velocity mini-duct systems! If you’re interested in a high-velocity mini-duct system then give Premier Air LLC a call! We’ll be happy to answer any questions that you may have as we’re always happy to help! You’ll benefit greatly from the quick installation and quick cooling and heating abilities of a high-velocity mini-duct system! Find out more about how air gets circulated more productively by reading below!

High-velocity mini-duct systems can get rid of dead zones and cold spots all while maintaining your home at an even temperature. They are superior to regular duct systems for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they can remove up to 30% more humidity. This can cause the effect of cooler feeling air at a temperature where with humid air it would feel hotter. Some mini-duct systems can even come with a dehumidifying mode that can get rid of the mugginess in the air without needing to cool down the rooms. When you get rid of humidity, you can greatly save on the costs of using your A/C as it naturally cools down the room instead of constantly changing the thermostat’s temperatures.

When you blow air through a smaller tunnel of space, the result will allow for faster movements and more dispersed air. This can be due to the phenomena called Bernoulli’s principle where an increased speed of air creates a vacuum behind the air flow that pulls more air back to the source of the air flow resulting in better-mixed air. In traditional systems, we see that the air can stratify and stay slow-flowing. This makes cool air pool around the floor with temperatures in higher areas being 5-7 degrees higher. A nice comparison is to think of it this way a mini-duct system at 72 degrees can feel similar to a regular system with their thermostat set to 68 degrees. The results speak for themselves, give us a call today for a high-velocity mini-duct system!

For High Velocity Mini Duct Systems call (912) 250-0049 with Premier Air LLC in Savannah, GA!