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When you’re interested in alternative heating systems than consider heating oil heating systems for your home or business! Premier Air LLC offers a range of services to meet the conditions of your property as well as preferences in performance. Consider a new model for your heating systems as they come with improved technological capabilities and heightened energy efficiency which will lower costs! Newer models come with an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating of more than 90% which means that there are fewer costs for operation while having more efficient operations in heating a room! Let’s get to know a little about heating oil heating systems so you can make the best decision for your heating and cooling systems!

An oil furnace is not as widely used as electrical and gas furnace heating options as they require routine maintenance and delivery of oil to your property. Yet the advantage of oil furnaces is that they produce more BTUs (British thermal unit, a standard of heat measurement) than any other type of furnace and provide a lot of heat. Maintenance involves cleaning up dirt and soot buildup as well as changing the oil filters on a regular basis. The latter of which can be a fire hazard if not properly kept up to date. Ultimately, oil furnaces cost less than gas furnace options yet the fuel for an oil furnace will cost more and can be less efficient in use.

As long as you have a steady supply, and keep up with heating maintenance requirements for each specific model, then these heating options can be great for your property! If you have any questions regarding what type of heater will work well with your systems, give us a call! Our friendly staff is always ready to help guide you through the process of consideration and are knowledgeable enough to answer any questions that need clarification regarding a new heating oil heating system installation or repair. We encourage you to check out our brands page for more quality options!

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