Propane Furnace Repair and Replacement

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LP Gas Comes in Many Options!

Get Higher Fuel Efficiency

When considering a new model for your heating system, try for energy efficient options that have been making progress in technological accessibility and cost efficiency! Newer models come with an AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) rating of more than 90% which means that there are fewer costs for operation while having more efficient operations in heating a room!

When it comes to gas furnaces, the source of fuel can differ with the many options out there to choose from. In the case of LP gas heating systems, you may be wondering what the LP stands for and if it only pertains to one type of gas. LP stands for liquefied petroleum which is a flammable hydrocarbon gas that’s liquified through pressurization. Before 1998, this was also commonly referred to as LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) before the moniker was shortened. There are many types of gases that are classified as LP Gas such as propane, butane, isobutane and mixtures of these gases. Certain gases, like propane, won’t cause damages to water and soil. What LP Gas is often used for is in the heating of homes or businesses, cooking, hot water and powering vehicles. It’s important to follow manufacturer guidelines for whichever system you choose to undertake as proper maintenance can make the processes of the gas heating system safe and effective.

If you would like assistance in finding out what type of gas best works for your property, we here at Premier Air LLC are always ready and able to help! We have the knowledge of a variety of heating alternatives, models and brands so you can have the system that works the best with your preferences! We encourage you to check out our brands page for more details! LP gas heating systems are a great way to heat your property. Be sure to follow proper heating maintenance measurements so no danger erupts from a neglected system! If you have any questions, give us a call today! We’re happy to help!

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