Air Conditioner Parts Replacement

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AC Unit Part Repairs or Replacements

Switch Parts & Extend AC Life

There can be many instances where you may be requiring the services of AC parts replacements or repairs instead of full-blown replacements. This can save you money in the long run and assist in elongating the life of your original unit. However, if you’re noticing that multiple parts are needing replacements or repairs then it may be best to consider a new unit. We offer many energy efficient¬†HVAC options that won’t require any fixtures for at least a couple of years and have the added bonus of conserving energy which ultimately lowers costs of monthly bills! If you believe that only a part needs to be replaced to ensure proper AC unit performance, give
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A/C Coil Cleaning & Replacement

It’s important to check your AC filters for cleanliness at least once a month to avoid dirty coils which can cause your unit to act up and reduce airflow. A dirty condenser coil is estimated to heighten energy use by over 30%! Additionally, this lowers the transfer of heat efficiency which can freeze coils, develop poor cooling abilities and overheat the compressor. In order to keep your coils clean, be sure there are two feet of clearance around the unit from foliage and debris like trash which can fall into the coils and interfere with the unit.

AC Compressor Repair / Replace

Some signs to look out for as far AC compressor malfunctions are as follows. One of the first signs of trouble that occurs is cabin temperatures being higher than normal and no longer releasing cold air as before. A damaged compressor is unable to regulate refrigerant flows which can cause an increase in stagnant air. Another sign is loud noises being emitted from the AC. An AC compressor uses several interior components that can fail like worn or leaking bearings that will make a grinding noise or a squealing belt. With belts, it may be better to replace them rather than attempt repairs. Lastly, if the compressor clutch seizes or breaks then the engine power that activates or disengages a pully may be dysfunctional or not move at all. Some cases can allow for the clutch to be replaced but it may be wiser to replace the entire AC compressor overall.

Air Conditioner Fan Repair / Replace

With air conditioner fans, the most likely reasons for bad performance often have to do with connecting parts that ultimately wear down on the fan movement. A capacitor, for example, provides power to the fan and can go bad due to various reasons which can stop the fan from spinning. A contractor works as an electrical switch and can also go bad over time which can limit proper movement of the air conditioner fan. Finally, a bad motor can overheat the fan which can cause it to wear out prematurely.

Condenser Motor Replacement

If your condenser is leaking, it could be that the connections of the refrigerant to the indoor evaporator could be ruptured. If you notice hissing sounds from your condenser, frost along the lines or a drop in AC power then it’s best to contact someone for help. Ultimately a lack of maintenance can cause serious issues to the condenser motor. If it hasn’t been lubricated or cleaned for some time then this can cause overheating and affect other parts of your AC. Finally, if you’re experiencing electrical issues it could be that there may be malfunctions with components of your systems such as with the capacitors, the inside wiring of the condenser motor or with the electrical relays. All of these issues can affect the unit by having it lower it’s cooling abilities or completing stop working altogether.

Remember to conduct regular HVAC maintenance checkups so you can catch problems before they escalate and affect other parts of your HVAC system. If you have any questions about the functionality of your AC that may require AC parts replacement then give us a call! We’ll be happy to discuss your unit’s behavior and possible causes to ultimately narrow down what could be affecting your system to make it malfunction. With Premier Air LLC you can be sure to expect quality services that work best for your home or business! With us, you can expect to have your AC unit up and running again in no time!

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