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When you need furnace parts replacement in the Savannah, GA area, Premier Air LLC is the place for you! We understand that sometimes the most opportune fixture doesn’t require the whole system to be replaced, sometimes an issue may just be localized to a specific part of a machine. With furnace parts replacement you can be sure to get minimal fixtures without compromising your entire unit. In order to get the most out of your unit and cut down on costs of overworking it, it’s best to catch problems in their beginning stages with occasional heating maintenance checkups. A dirty furnace can cause various problems on your unit so it’s best to keep them clean when possible. Perhaps you’ve been having trouble getting your system settings under control with an older thermostat that’s harder to navigate. With HVAC Thermostat Repair, Replace & Upgrade you’ll be able to schedule the temperature of your rooms so you can have more stable patterns when you’re asleep or away with easy adjustments to coincide with outside temperature changes! Whenever you need assistance or have any questions about your systems give us a call!

HVAC Pressure switch Replacement could be necessary when your HVAC system is constantly tripping resulting in shuts downs. A system can have high pressure or low-pressure switch to protect devices that work for the refrigeration circuit and compressor. High-pressure switches monitor the outdoor motor and coils to make sure they are not restricted. Low-pressure switches are helpful in stopping indoor evaporator coil freezing and monitor refrigerant levels. Your system’s compressor uses 4-8 times the electricity to start it over running it. Due to this it can naturally wear over time and starts clicking and stuttering to try to get going before shutting off which is considered hard starting. A Hard start kits Replacement will shorten the time and electricity required for the startup process of your compressor. This prevents overheating other parts of your AC system and can increase efficiency from 50% without it to 98% with it.

A Heater Capacitors Replacement may be necessary when you’re noticing that heat is having trouble being supplied to your home. Capacitors are part of the fan motor of your furnace and can be either a start or run capacitor. A start capacitor helps your motor startup when the heat is turned on. The run capacitor uses a steady supply of electricity to keep your fan motors running and blowing hot air through your system. As both operate with electricity, ultimately there may be an issue with your electricity and it may be necessary to remedy those connections. On the flip side, a heat exchanger transfers thermal energy from one medium to another. They can be from fluids like water, oil or refrigerant or gases like petroleum or propane and the exchanger uses these elements to exchange the matter into heated air. Heat Exchanger Replacements differ for an AC and furnace so be sure to know which system you’re using when you request a change.

An ECM motor is an electronically commutated motor that changes its speed in accordance to electrical controls. Depending on system requirements the motor may spin slower or faster to keep with steady airflow and torque. When considering an ECM motors Replacement it’s important to know that the programming of the motor is specific to each model of HVAC units and is only done at the factory and not the field. That’s why it’s important to consider the specs of a replacement to make sure it matches with your property and system requirements. Your inducer motor establishes a draft through your furnace’s heat exchanger and sends it outside through a vent pipe. When heat is being requested then your control board will give power to the inducer. HVAC Inducer motor Replacement can come in different materials, for example, furnaces with AFUEs of 80-90% are usually made of metal and ratings of 90% or more of plastic.

Usually, your circuit control board will start to fail after being impacted by overheating or being affected by other failing parts of your overall system. For example, a blower motor that is failing can blow a fuse which can impact the circuit. A circuit control will moderate the voltage running through a system and relays and contractors use the volts to turn parts on and off. As a circuit board gives power to such parts as the condenser fan motor, blower motor and compressor it’s important to get Circuit Control board Replacement when needed. HVAC Relay Replacement is important within the circuit board systems as this is where volts of power are relayed with coils and dry contacts to power motors. You can think of it as paths that are opened and closed like a switch. If you’re not getting heat in your system then this could be where the issue lies as this power creates a path to the blower motor which releases heated air out into your systems.

Heat Pump Repair / Replacement

If your heat pump is not turning on then it could be that there are malfunctions in your unit’s ability to receive power or there could even be issues with your thermostat. Problems like these could mean that the main electrical panels or subpanels are having issues, there are frayed wires around the unit or the circuit breaker have experienced a trip. With any electrical issue, it’s best to be safe and rely on a skilled technician to address the concern. Now if your heat pump is making noises like rattling, there could be a register out of place or loose hardware. If the noises are more akin to squealing or grinding, the motor bearings could be worn. Ultimately noises can range and mean different things, if you’ve been experiencing these noises for an extended time it may be better to conduct heat pump repairs or replacements.

HVAC Hot Surface Igniter Replacement

New HVAC systems use a surface igniter to activate burners instead of pilot lights. You can’t manually turn on igniters as they automatically begin to glow and light the gas to ignite burners once they become hot enough. If you’re hearing the hissing of gas for half a minute or more, then stopping, it could mean that the flame sensor is trying to light the gas but doesn’t sense the flame and therefore the igniter will not glow. The furnace will then shut down and try to ignite the gas again. Even if you turn the power switch back on and off this pattern can happen to no avail in failing to ignite the gas to heat your home.  In cases like this, it’s best to undergo HVAC hot surface igniter replacement.

Gas Valve Replacement

For anything having to do with gas usage, it’s recommended to rely on the services of a qualified professional. A good way to determine proper working capabilities with your gas valve is to turn it off to see if it’s capable of a proper shutdown. Then set your thermostat or the controller a bit higher than room temperature, look for the hot surface igniter and see if there’s a glow or spark. If there is a flame-up, then your valve isn’t in good working condition. If there is no flame-up, then it’s fine! Another way to check is to open the manual switch and see if gas is flowing to the main burner. Set your thermostat this time under the room’s current temperature and wait at least a minute. Time should pass to allow it to attempt fueling, once it does it’s working correctly if not then there’s an issue. Finally, you can turn the gas control knob to on and try adjusting the controller or thermostat several degrees higher than normal to start the unit. Then check your instruction manual to see if the voltage is at correct levels to run the control valve circuit and test the voltage with the AC voltmeter. If the voltage is dead or not rated, you may require gas valve replacement.

Get your heating systems back into working condition with Premier Air LLC, with us you can expect quality service! If you have any questions about the functions of your system, we’ll be happy to help you out! With your heating systems, safety is always a priority and if you’re needing assistance with your gas or electric lines reach out to a certified technician for inspection or repairs! If you’re curious as to new systems, check out our geothermal heating systems and LP gas heating systems today!

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