Spring Checklist For Your HVAC System

HVAC unit hanging on a wall outside with a green shrub with pink flowers to the left of it.

Spring HVAC Cleaning!

When springtime is around, it’s time to freshen up! The autumn and winter can accumulate a lot of changes that can impact your system, that’s why it’s best to prepare your HVAC system for the changes of each season as each has maintenance tasks that are recommended to be performed in order to ensure the longevity of your heating and cooling systems. Not only will system maintenance increase the performance of your HVAC, but it will also allow for cleaner air quality and the conservation of energy. A dirty system will often make your system work much harder to produce accurate room temperatures and air pressure. Keeping up with your system will save you both on energy costs as well as repairs and replacements from problems that come about with neglect.

Cleaning & Air Quality

For improved indoor air quality, it’s important to clear the clutter and dust of your home and mop or vacuum if necessary. How does this help with your HVAC system? Overtime allergens, dirt, and dust can accumulate on surfaces and circulate throughout your HVAC system and home. Although your filter can catch larger particles, ultimately an air purifier will eliminate the smaller ones that often escape standard filters. With an unclean filter, your system will work harder to get through the ducts which will increase energy usage and thereby energy bills. Additionally, a dirty filter is essentially going to be ineffective so it’s best to switch them out every 3 months or at the very lest every fall and spring. Be sure to turn off your system before this is done. If areas are hard to access call a professional.

Another place that should be considered in your spring cleaning endeavors are areas you don’t see in your HVAC system, namely your ducts. Just like with any surface, over time your ductwork is susceptible to build up and collecting anything that was not trapped in the air filters. In some cases, even mold and mildew can develop. In order to have you breathing better air try to have a duct cleaning professional come in to get those ducts shiny and new once more! Other areas of your HVAC units that should be cleaned and lubricated are indoor components such as coils and blower fans. Without this, your HVAC may emit noises, overheat or prematurely wear out other parts of the system. Lastly, your AC’s refrigerant levels are essential to providing cool air in the summertime. If they are low, ask a professional to recharge the unit. (This simply means that they will refill the chamber with refrigerant liquid.)


Your outside units and areas around them should be kept in mind as well as far as spring maintenance practices for your heating and cooling systems. In order to maximize on the airflow and prevent lower energy efficiency of your heat pump or air conditioner weeds, dirt, plants, trash and other debris that can make their way in accidentally should be moved or trimmed with at least 2 feet of clearance. Another thing to keep in mind is the electrical connections to your HVAC systems. Have an electrician or HVAC technician take a look and make sure they aren’t faulty and are tightened as they can end up reducing the life span of many major components of your HVAC system and make it unsafe overall.

HVAC superimposed over a blue sky with white clouds to allude to clean & fresh indoor air.


Finally, when looking around your unit you may come to the conclusion that you need an upgrade in certain areas. A lot of advancements have been made over the years as far as operational standards and system performance. There are many eco-friendly options with energy-efficient functions which can lower bills while ensuring optimal system performance! Another way to lower costs is with programmable thermostats that can have you controlling temperatures when you go to bed or are headed out for an extended period of time. Scheduling options are great in maintaining an average temperature or implementing incremental tricks that can have you saving costs. For example, lowering the thermostat by a few degrees in 8-hour increments can greatly lower energy costs! With smart thermostats, you can control your HVAC system on your phone as well as learn energy tips, reports, and self-correcting features in order to maintain optimal system performances! Upgrading your unit can be very beneficial as it is cost-effective and convenient for the future.

As you can see, there are many components of your HVAC system to consider to ensure proper maintenance. It may be overwhelming and at times dangerous to attempt working around or with certain parts of your heating and cooling system, if you feel your safety will be compromised or you are just confused about a maintenance step than rely on the services of an HVAC professional! Chances are, they’ll have the expert skill and protocol that can ensure a safe and swift system inspection with necessary adjustments as they come along. Have cleaner units, better airflow and system performance with spring HVAC cleanup and maintenance!

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